Special Article

Harrison Ford(ハリソン・フォード)Actor / Vice Chair, Conservation International
俳優 / コンサベーション・インターナショナル副理事長

Harrison Ford:Mr. Ford has been an active member of the Board of Directors of the NGO, Conservation International, for over 20 years. In addition to his conservation work, he is an avid pilot, carpenter and world-renowned actor./世界的に知られた映画俳優であり、飛行家、大工の一面をもつ一方、熱心な環境活動家としても知られ、20年以上にわたりNGO「コンサベーション・インターナショナル」の理事(現副理事長)として環境保全活動に従事している。

Message to Bio-diversity/ハリソンフォードさんから 直接、メッセージが届きました。

Three years ago, I had the privilege of attending the Convention on Biological Diversity summit in Nagoya, Japan. That landmark event launched the UN Decade on Biodiversity: 2011-2020, with ambitious targets for worldwide nature conservation.
Despite important progress on expanding protected areas on land and in the oceans, the environmental challenges facing humanity have never been greater. I saw this firsthand on a recent trip to Indonesia where rich areas of biodiversity are in jeopardy. I witnessed the negative impacts of deforestation on livelihoods and on critical habitat for tigers, elephants, and orangutans.


At Conservation International, an organization I joined more than 20 years ago, we work with governments, industry and communities to value and protect biodiversity and the reservoirs of natural resources on which people depend.
Through our work, governments and the private sector have begun to recognize the direct connection between natural resources and economic and national and global security. For instance, global leaders have put a spotlight on how illegal elephant poaching and ivory trafficking are linked to organized crime syndicates and terrorist networks.
I encourage continued efforts to protect biodiversity because simply put, nature does not need people, people need nature.